Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who am I and what am I doing here?

Hard as it may be to believe, we can actually help you figure that out – with thoughtful analyses of your offerings, your audience, and the points of contact between the two.

2. How can Apptimal help me?

That depends, of course, on who you are and what you're doing here – but generally we can help you see your opportunities more clearly, focus your objectives to take greater advantage of those opportunities, and hone your marketing, communications, and technology tactics to achieve your objectives more cost-effectively.

3. What kind of marketing, communications, and technology tactics does Apptimal employ?

Whatever works. We're not proud. We know all media have their own proven power in the appropriate conjunction of time, place, and context, so we believe they should be applied in a mutually reinforcing manner wherever possible. That's why we work in mobile, web, and traditional media (like radio, tv, print, promo, and events), too. It's all part of "dynamic engagement."

4. What is "dynamic engagement?"

"Dynamic engagement" is the strategy that Apptimal is pioneering to help organizations establish and maintain contact with their key audiences as they move from platform to platform through today's rapidly evolving interactions. It works by building a consistent core message, then applying mutually reinforcing media to promote audience interaction with the organization (via stimulus & response techniques which reinforce your message at points of decision).

5. What stimulus and response techniques does Apptimal use?

Anything we can think of. (And anything you can think of, too. As we said, we're not proud.)

6. What does Apptimal identify as "points of decision."

Apptimal identifies any situation in which an audience member has the opportunity to interact with your organization (or its messaging) as a "point of decision." This can include everything from using mobile or web media to find the nearest outlet for your goods or services, to checking the co-pay from their doctor's office, updating their training, or working on a project with colleagues around the world. It can also include cross-platform incentives such as ads or direct mail pieces which carry bar-code promo-keys to access mobile app discount coupons, etc. The possibilities are literally endless.